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re2you Launches Disruptive Emulating Web Technology – a New Personal Cloud

re2you Launches Disruptive Emulating Web Technology – a New Personal Cloud

by Kess DanielsApril 27, 2014

re2you, the intercloud layer which will revolutionize the way people use the Web, announced the official launch of its personal cloud experience at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, on April 24 to 25. The new drag-and-drop interface works across multiple services and devices, eliminating data mining while delivering an online experience never seen before.

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re2you creates and combines multiple, dynamic tiles within a single browser tab and then gives users the power to drag and drop content from one tile to another instantaneously. The online experience, be it on a computer or smartphone, becomes completely customizable while, at the same time, secure from prying eyes.

Key advantages of re2you include:,

  • No cookies or data mining.

  • No uploading or downloading of unsecured data.

  • Stored data accessed via a mirror server, creating a secure level of abstraction.

  • All communications and payments are fully encrypted.

  • Integrates personal data from multiple platforms into a single, coherent profile.

  • Lets marketers provide relevant offerings based on user experience rather than driven by data.

“Our cloud OS is a virtualized browser that enables the user to move data live from any source to any other source, with no uploading or downloading – just drag and drop,” said Ghazaleh Koohestanian, founder and CEO of re2you. “Marketers will target ads to meet the real needs of the user, based not on data collection, but on anonymized insights that the user provides to our dynamic algorithm.”

“Most of us are unaware of how much information we impart to supposedly free services,” Koohestanian continued, “By uniting Web services through the re2you interface, with no cookies or data mining, the Web becomes safer and more relevant to the user, and advertising is initiated by the user experience within the re2you cloud, not by external profiles.”

The private beta will be showcased at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, April 24 to 25.

Currently undergoing trials with leading telecomm and mobile communications companies in Europe and the U.S., re2you will be showcasing the private beta of the new Web experience at The Next Web Conference, Amsterdam, April 24 to 25. For an appointment or more information on re2you, please email


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