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HTC Says No Future Support for the One X and the One X+

HTC Says No Future Support for the One X and the One X+

by Adrian GordonJanuary 13, 2014

HTC, in a particularly self destructive move that seemingly defies all logic and reason, has decided that they will no longer be supporting either of their previous (2) flagship smartphone devices – the HTC One and the HTC One+.  This comes as a huge shock to many HTC faithfuls (including myself) who have been eagerly waiting for the Google (4.4) KitKat update to finally hit their 14 month old devices.

It is possible that a move such as this is indicative of nothing more than the fact that HTC has seriously fell out of touch with their core customers, however, the other possibility would suggest something far more grim for the future of the 16 year old Taiwanese electronics giant.

It is no secret that, in recent times, sales of their flagship devices have been anything but stellar, with figures showing that profits have declined by “ 27.1 per cent year on year”. It may be possible, in fact likely, that HTC simply cannot afford to allocate resources to the R&D that would be necessary to get the update working on their past hardware devices. This causes me to seriously consider the possibility that this situation is foreboding some terrible times ahead for HTC; possibly resulting in them having to leave the smartphone business altogether.

Whether this was an inexcusably silly miscalculation on the part of HTC, or simply a reflection of some rough times ahead, the fact remains that HTC has now, most definitely, alienated a huge portion of their customer base, causing a stream of “Twitter hate” that is not likely to stop anytime soon.

@HTC_UK seriously? Long-term supporter of your phones and I’m very disappointed. Reckon I’ll go elsewhere for my next phone.

by @charliechalkley

Why do you think that HTC decided to halt the support for the ONE X and ONE X+? Tell us in the comment section below.

Source : HTC UK (Twitter)

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