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FCC to Auction 1900MHz H-Block Frequencies for Mobile Services

FCC to Auction 1900MHz H-Block Frequencies for Mobile Services

by Summayyah AamirJune 28, 2013

U.S. Federal Communications Commission

U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has decided to auction H-Block spectrum for mobile services. This band will be offered on competitive bidding starting this year. According to Engadget, FCC Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn assured PCS spectrum holders liken Sprint that Report and Order sets technical rules to avoid any interference.

The controversial H Block contains frequencies from 1900-MHz to 2000-MHz.It is further divided into two sub block i.e. Lower H Block (1915 – 1920) and Upper H Block (1995 – 2000). It is specified for advanced wireless services (AWS) and under consideration since year 2004.

The notification to auction has been signed by FCC chairwoman along with two commissioners Rosenworcel and Pai. Under U.S. Spectrum Act 2012, they have to take up arms and make this band commercially available. Because of criticism from PCS owners, the commission has formed a board NPRM (Notice of Proposed Rulemaking) to propose rules for Advanced Wireless Services.

Mignon Clyburn said that technological improvements in mobile sector and increasing demand in wireless services will need more spectrum bands in future. And Mobile carriers companies should stay updated with growing demand and their systems offer best speed, capacity and flexibility.

Last year Obama administration and U.S. Congress passed Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act 2012 for creating job opportunities. This law also discussed frequency spectrum and increasing demand of mobile services. It directed the FCC to license further 65MHz band before year 2015 to fulfill future demands.

The nearest PCS frequency spectrum is owned by Sprint Nextel which was clearly opposing the auction of H-Block. Its stance on this issue was clear that technology has not that much improved that can avoid interference with nearby bands. But now the latest injection and improvement in electronics for transmitters, receivers and modulator has urged FCC to step up and push H-Block again for commercial use on soft bid in open market.

The Spectrum Act directs the neighboring spectrum owners to act precisely inside their own band and avoid interference. PCS (1930 – 1995MHz) will be mostly effected from lower H block frequencies if there are any flaws in its implementation. FCC is so determined that if these issues are not resolved, then it will still auction but for Upper H Block.

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